5 Fool-Proof Ways to Start a Conversation with Your Crush on Instagram

5 Fool-Proof Ways to Start a Conversation with Your Crush on Instagram

Instagram can be a great way to stay on top of the happenings with your pals or share your accomplishments’ humble praises. However, it’s also the most effective way to contact your loved person.

If you’re not currently in contact with someone, sending a text message to the person you’re texting can seem like a vast, invasive step. Conversations with them via crush notice you on Instagram appear more natural and subtle. Plus, it’s an excellent option to see if they’re interested in you. How can you begin to flirt with the people you love without making the situation seem weird? Follow us for the top tips on starting a conversation with your favorite person on Instagram.

You communicate with them using a quick emoji or simply a “haha,” and then end the day. If you’re more secure, your results will be more effective if you post a comment which prompts back-and-forth conversations. Engage them through a clever response or, even better, ask them questions regarding the statement. The effort you put into it will cause your friend to feel more inclined to engage positively, which could lead to an Actual Conversation.


1.   The Meme Tag

Who doesn’t like receiving humorous memes? They’re great for getting an individual’s attention since they’re made to get people laughing and set a fun tone for the following conversation. You can tag your crush in some memes you’re sure they’d appreciate. This lets them know you’re thinking about the person without becoming too intense. Even if they don’t reply, you’ve shown your curiosity and even have set up a conversation about when you meet.

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2.   The Meme D.M.

Tagging your friend in one of the memes is a little effort; however, it can be public, meaning anybody could see the meme. Based on the situation, it could become a little embarrassing. You could prefer to D.M. them instead. It’s more straightforward and could be scarier and private. However, it may cause your crush to be more likely to get back in touch because your message will go directly to them.

3.   The Old Photo Double-Tap

Yes, there are situations where liking a photo from years ago could be embarrassing. However, it could also be an excellent flirting tool. If you’re feeling adventurous, look at your crush’s profile, look through their photos, and tap several cute pictures of yourself. We suggest briefly scrolling (more than a few months old may be creepy). Also, you should love several photos, or it’s apparent that you’re doing this with the purpose. This one exposes you to the world and helps you convey your excitement. If you’re lucky, they may take a liking to your pictures or even send you a D.M. However, it’s only possible to know the outcome once you’ve tried. And what’s the most likely to be able to happen?

4.   The Comment

In the case of Instagram comments, they are a mixed bag. On the one hand, they only require a little commitment from your side. However, the possibility is that your message will get lost with the other thirsty posts and stand out if you’re a girl who typically only receives messages from close acquaintances. It is recommended to read the conversation before being careful not to share something too sexually explicit. One of the worst things you can do is create a situation that makes your lover uneasy with a highly open display of your love for them.

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5.   The Direct Approach

It sometimes makes sense, to be precise. It’s unnecessary to fudge about things just waiting for people to write some story or stumble on a hilarious meme. You can go into their D.M.s and leave a sweet message. This can make you anxious and stressed, but in the end, you won’t hear back, or at best, it could be that you get discussing and building an upcoming future. This initial strategy could lead to the S.O. you’ve always wanted.

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