5 Main Types Of Personalities

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“The combination of traits, characteristics or qualities of an individual which differentiate it from other is called as personality”.

The five different types of personalities are as follow:

Introvert Person:

“An introvert is a person who has more interest in themselves than others or has difficulty relating to people outside of themselves”.

A person who don’t want to talk and sit quiet at one corner of class can be the example of an introvert person.

Extrovert Person:

“An extrovert is someone who is very outgoing and engaged with people”.

A person having very good communication skills and have a chit chat with every single person in class is said to be an extrovert person.

Technical person:

“Technical type of personality peoples loves facts and solving problems. They want every single detail of any event”.

A person when buying something want to know every thing about its material, warranty etc. are called to be a technical person.

Structural Person:

“The persons who are careful, precise & perfectionists are having Structured personality”.

A person who want everything to be organized, do everything on time plan wisely before doing anything are structured one.

Analytical person:

“An analytical person wants to gather and consider information at length before making a big decision. Even in small choices, they will tend to look to the numbers or data for guidance, rather than making an off-the-cuff choice”.

A personal who make decisions by thinking in statistical way and think about pros and cons of every single thing.

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