Android phone users beware: 6 Antivirus apps like Alpha Cleaner were stealing user’s personal data, you should also delete it immediately

Google has removed 6 such apps from the Play-Store that were transmitting viruses to people’s phones. This news comes from a report by Check Point Research, in which three researchers found that hackers used Sharkbot Android Stealer software under the guise of antivirus applications to steal users’ passwords, bank details and other personal information.

According to the report, the apps containing these malware were downloaded more than 15,000 times. However, now Google has removed all these apps from its Play Store.

This malware works on a geo fencing feature and piracy technology, which makes it different from other malware, according to the Check Point report for the first time . It also uses something called the Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA), which is rarely used in the world of Android malware.

These apps stole personal data of users on Google Play Store These

6 malware apps resembling antivirus apps infected over 15,000 users with Sharkbot Android malware, which steals credentials and banking information. During the research, it found about 1,000 IP addresses of devices. Most of the victims were from Italy and the United Kingdom.

These are the 6 apps that were found to be corrupt

The names of these apps are as follows. Atom Clean-Booster, Antivirus Super Cleaner, Alpha Antivirus Cleaner, Powerful Cleaner Antivirus, Center Security Antivirus. If you are using any of these apps, then you should delete them immediately, as banking fraud can happen to you and your hard earned money can disappear in a jiffy.

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