Best camera phone under 30000 in Pakistan

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I have said last week that I liked taking photos with my phone, especially because of the usefulness of the camera with auto functions.

One reason I love my mobile device is because that has lead me down the path to a smart camera phone. Recently, my intention is to be in Malaysia for a couple of months. I thought about buying a new phone and then start a new chapter of photography.

What started off as a mere idea for me to acquire a camera has turned into my life’s “crazy love story” with a console smartphone camera. Now I want to become a professional photographer. In this article, I’ll compare and contrast my top 5 favorite camera phones in this world.

LUMINAMO: The best camera phone in my opinion


If you don’t know what you have been waiting for, you’re soon to realize you already have the best camera phone in your hands, known as my pride and joy LUMINAMO.

According to them,

LUMINAMO is a “modern day best camera phone on the market. So this is my two thumbs up about this beautiful phone.

Within a few days after the phone’s availability, I find myself obsessing over the phone almost every day. One of the key benefits of this phone is how fast the power cell is to take better photos.

This phone takes sharp and crisp photos effortlessly, as well as taking ample photos with low noise level. You will not get noise in those clear moments, thanks to the 5 lens that have its own circuit, working in conjunction with the sub-three pixel bump system. This helps you to take crystal clear and crisp photos. In the looks department, you will also find the LUMINAMO can take over 60 selfies.

In terms of portability, with this phone, I do not have to take it to a meeting just to take pictures. On the go, I can easily take the phone with me as my phone wallet.

Let me take a few more photos and put them all on an album.

THE TROPHY: The best camera phone in Asia


The trophy phones come hand in hand with a camera function as a real-time shutter. In fact, I have to say I want to push a button anytime to take my pictures.

Because of the time it takes to hold a phone and slide the shutter button, we do not get a chance to take more than five photos in a row. Even though I do not have an automatic shutter function, I easily can take many photographs and slide it safely between my hands because of the slide button. There are cameras with inbuilt vibration cancel or shake but it just doesn’t work. In the art world, we want to capture these elusive moments, but not worry about vibration.

The phones come with a maximum shutter time of 6 seconds with a tracking feature, allowing you to take close to real-time shots. Moreover, there are external motors that push the shutter button with your finger’s gesture.

An external vibration-cancel feature not only makes the phone easier to take the shots but also lets you control the shutter speed with your motion.

In terms of the portability, although you will not be able to physically hold a phone that weighs over and ordinary phone such as Nokia X, the speakers and fingerprints are just too friendly to use.

The camera and speed of this phone will be the factor of its superiority.

THE WAND: The best camera phone in Europe


The best camera phone that I have seen in the past 2 years has to be the best camera phone I’ve seen in Europe. However, so far, not a single phone has really different a level of quality of camera phone at this moment.

With the release of this phone, I think we will see a better standard in the camera phones of the world. In fact, my favorite product is the camera phone has gone fully digital in terms of image processing, allowing the phones to take naturally spontaneous fast actions. For example, you can change your lighting color intensity straight into the camera.

The quality of the app itself will still be the best known. This camera phone can now automatically adjust the subject’s skin tone based on the precise facial features. However, its features are not available on our phones.

The products that have the the most smooth shooting for its size, the biggest downfall is that you can only take up to 600 pictures in memory. I will have a different camera, with an extra camera, that lets you take thousands of photos. This will allow me to capture greater quality pictures, which I may not have taken with the original camera phone.

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