Cookies Policy Of Techyvela.Com is a platform that provides innovative solutions to students. The website offers resources like cheap technology classes and tuition-free coding boot camps. The company has a policy of not tracking its users or data collection at all.

On their website, they have published the Cookies Policy of their company that states: “ uses cookies to improve user experience and functionality.”

The Cookies Policy doesn’t explicitly state what type of cookies are on the site, but it does mention Google Analytics which is used for analytics purposes only. It also mentions third-party social media cookies as well as ad serving tools used for advertising purposes only, both of which are essential for all websites so that they can function properly, with the first-mentioned being necessary for marketing purposes and the secondCooki’s new policy allows visitors to know what information is collected by the website and what it does with it. The company also allows users to disable or delete cookies themselves if they want to take control of their data and don’t trust the company’s policies.

Users can also opt-out of having their data shared with third parties for advertisements or marketing purposes by contacting the site via email or social media messages.