Crisis in Sri Lanka, treasury empty for free distribution! India also needs to learn

UP has a debt of about 6 and a half lakh crores. Bihar also has a debt of 2.5 lakh crores. While Punjab is in debt of 2 lakh 82 thousand crores, West Bengal has 5 lakh 62 thousand crores.

Due to inflation in Sri Lanka, people everywhere have come out on the streets and there is only one demand for the President to resign. Now such a situation has happened in Sri Lanka that due to lack of oil and electricity, even the street lights have been closed. Petrol in 2020 was Rs 137 per liter which has reached 254 per liter today. The price of pulses was Rs 180 per kg in 2020 and has gone up to Rs 420 per kg today. Same is the case with edible oil. 480 per liter oil has become 870 per liter in 2 years.

Crisis in Sri Lanka, treasury empty for free distribution!

The wrong policies of the government are most responsible for the bankruptcy of Sri Lanka. In which a big mistake is also free game to woo the public, this game is also growing rapidly in India.

  • Sri Lanka’s economy was heavily dependent on tourism
  • The lack of tourists due to Corona had a bad effect
  • Government did not curb corruption
  • Production fell due to ban on chemical fertilizers
  • Inflation increased due to decrease in grain production
  • Foreign exchange reserves emptied due to lack of tourists and production
  • The debt taken from China on strict terms made it bad
  • Free scheme bankrupted to woo the angry public

India also needs to learn

India is the emerging economic power of the world, so it would be wrong to say that India’s condition may be like Sri Lanka. But the way the Sri Lankan government’s free game has bankrupted the entire country, the leaders and political parties of India need to learn from it. Because more than two dozen senior officers of the country have expressed concern in a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the free schemes.

‘Freedom’ should not become a problem!

  • Free schemes to the public are not practical
  • Free distribution scheme may not last long 
  • Running free schemes of debt-ridden states is fatal
  • Need to learn from the chaos in Sri Lanka

These officers, the policy makers of the country, believe that free schemes given to the public are not practical.. and such schemes cannot last for long. Especially in debt states running such schemes is very dangerous and we need to learn from the chaos in Sri Lanka. In fact, getting votes by distributing free has become a shortcut in India. That is why political parties are divided on the concerns of the officers on the free schemes.

During the recently held elections in five states, all political parties announced to distribute freebies fiercely. Some were giving laptops, some scooty, some smartphone and some money. But the ground reality of the states distributing freebies to the people is that they are in debt.

Open eyes on free India

State Loan
Andhra Pradesh 3.98 lakh crore
UP 6.53 lakh crore
A state in Eastern India 2.46 lakh crore
Punjab 2.82 lakh crore
West Bengal 5.62 lakh crore
Gujarat 5.02 lakh crore

There is an old saying that nothing in the world is free, the public also pays for the free schemes of the governments, but political parties take advantage of it.

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