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Techyvela has a disclaimer on their website that states “” Is warrant or guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information published on this site.”

They also have a disclaimer that reads “The information contained in our articles and reviews should not be considered as professional financial advice.”

DMCA Policy has a DMCA policy where it promises the user to take down content that infringes on copyright law. is a website that has been in existence for 2021 and was created for sharing content online. It was founded by an Indian person named Vikram Chopra, who still owns the domain of, and is currently directed by his son Mohit Chopra.

The website is powered by WordPress, with the help of which it can be used to create blogs or websites with membership capabilities and also sell advertising spots on its pages via its website ads network which generates revenue through Google Adsense advertisements as well as affiliate marketing commissions from Amazon Associates referrals.

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Copyright policies have been applied to intellectual property in order to protect the rights and interests of creators, their successors and competent authorities. is a blog that provides free content for college students and professionals who are looking for relevant information in the field of technology.

Techyvela encourages its writers to share their opinions, articles and thoughts freely on the website. However, they also acknowledge that they cannot enforce copyright on content written by its users without infringing on their rights.