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Gadgets and technology for children from 10 to 12 years old

Today we will talk about one of the most fashionable topics, technology for children. More specifically, we will speak of the greatest gadgets and technology for children from 10 to 12 years old. Let’s not forget that technology for children has become essential (educational speaking), and they must learn if they can do it in a fun and interactive way, much better!

What is a technology for children?

If we focus on the educational and recreational field, technology for children is the mixture of tools, applications, software, and devices used in teaching. All this set is part of the well-known ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Thanks to this, teachers can expand and optimize their teaching method to adapt to the demands of the 21st century and new technologies. The central part of this technology would be the robotics for children we saw in the previous post.

Why use technology to teach and learn?

It is essential to use any existing tool to teach, and if it can be done through technology, much better since it is currently part of everyday life. Without a doubt, it is relevant that children acquire all the knowledge possible during their growth since each of these will help in their future, and the best ally at each stage will be technology; especially after having gone through a pandemic where a large part of education has turned to the digital field.

What can be learned from technology?

In the digital age, adults and children rely on many gadgets to make our lives easier. However, these not only streamline many of our activities but are also informational vehicles that help us create new learning strategies.

In this way, technology can teach us absolutely everything in a more practical and didactic way, from specific and complex theoretical aspects, such as everyday and household skills.

How to teach with new technologies in today’s school?

Today, there are other ways to teach using touch screens for children to interact or providing them with better summarized and easily accessible information thanks to the Internet. And even learning classes through videoconferences through the appropriate platforms.

Best gadgets for kids

Currently, there are products on the market that encourage creativity and the desire to explore in the little ones at home; these gadgets are made exclusively for them to learn more about the digital world. Below, you will see different devices and technology for children from 10 to 12 years old:


Because little ones can also learn by playing, coding oruga is excellent for teaching programming. With this objective, children must place parts on the caterpillar, following patterns or sequences; it will move forward, turn and even make sounds.

Lego Boost Robotics Kit for Kids

It is a robot with more than 800 pieces; children can assemble it from 7 to 12 years old. It includes sensors and two motors.

This allows for greater precision when using it, so children can use it without problems and be assembled into five different robots.

Fire 7 tablet

Young people need to be digitally connected, which is an excellent option. With this tool, they can read their favorite books, use educational, entertaining, or even functional applications for their tasks, and access the Internet.

At the same time, the Amazon Fire offers a large storage capacity; apart from that, it can also be increased by using an SD, in addition to its front and rear cameras having the same quality of 2 MP.

Young people and children mustn’t expose themselves so much to screens, but the time according to their age.

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

If you notice that your son likes to sing, this is the ideal gift; with a microphone, he can bring out that artistic and creative side that has not yet come to light.

On the other hand, apart from being wireless and recording, this microphone also allows you to distort your voice, giving you a touch of fun when singing songs.

Portable Bluetooth speaker for kids

In case the little ones at home love to listen to music, what they need is a portable speaker that is very resistant and durable.

In this way, although your child does not demand specific brands, you must offer him products that, even if they use them excessively, do not damage quickly.

Arduino Starter Set

If your child needs to work on an electronic project, it is best to have a high-quality board on hand, such as ELEGOO offers with its Arduino starter kit.

This kit includes tutorials with straightforward explanations, which will help the pre-adolescent get the hang of working with hardware and software.

STEM toys

If you want toys that encourage the educational side of your children, STEM toys are the ones; they pose problems that they must answer.

STEM toys are very varied, and children will be able to learn from science, technology, and engineering to mathematics.

Drone for kids

Drones are aerial vehicles that are not manned; children can drive and direct these from a distance (control). This model is just suitable for beginners, which makes it more accessible, but it does not stop being a resistant gadget. It should be noted, then, that this type of drone is light and easy to transport, can be controlled for greater precision, and has a key to prevent it from getting lost.

Children’s underwater camera Kriogor

If your child is creative, giving him an underwater camera will be the perfect gift since he can use it to have fun and learn. This camera model has multifunction, which beginners will use without problems; it has a USB cable to transfer files to the computer. It is simple and light to carry, its colors are fun, and it lasts more than 5 hours in use.

FitBit Ace 2 for Kids

Finally, we have Fitbit Ace, which allows children to be physically active and help them implement healthy habits in their daily lives. It is a bracelet that includes a watch, allowing you to create avatars and even read notifications on the screen.

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