How to Grow Your Business on Instagram 2022

It’s no secret that the world of social media is changing. Just over a decade ago, Facebook was considered an “online status update” site. Now it has 1 billion active users every month and 500 million daily active users!.

Grow Your Business on Instagram:

That number will only continue to grow Your Business on Instagram as more people use cell phones for their internet needs instead of laptops or desktops. If you’re looking for large audiences on social media, Instagram is your best bet. With this in mind, here are Six tips to get started with growing your business on Instagram:

Tip #1) Create A Business Account

You can create a personal profile if you want but remember that it won’t be searchable outside of the app unless you pay for ads or promote your profile.

– Having a business account means that you can have analytics built into your Instagram app, which is extremely useful for understanding what types of posts are most successful with your audience.

– Also, having a business page allows you to use the “swipe up” feature so users can click on links in your bio! This is very powerful and should not be underestimated! – Make sure when creating an Instagram Business Account that you link it to Facebook or Google+ as well, because this will allow people who follow both profiles easy access to all three platforms without needing separate logins across different apps.

Tip #2) Post At The Right Time

There has been some research done about best times during the day to post on Instagram.

– The key is to examine when your audience is most active and then target those times! For example, if you’re a large business that has an office in New York City but many of your customers are based out West (on the East Coast), it would make sense for you to schedule posts ahead of time during these hours: – On weekdays (Monday through Friday), try posting between noon and three PM Eastern Time or nine AM and twelve PM Pacific Time as these seem to be optimal times for engagement.

– If weekends work better with your schedule, aim for Saturday from one PM until four pm ET or ten am until one pm PT.

Tip #3) Use A Variety Of Content

Remember, you want a large audience

Instagram users come to this platform for visuals, so make sure that your content is visually interesting.

Avoid too many long texts or blocks of text in general as it can be difficult for people to scroll through on their phones! Mix up the types of posts you’re putting out there by including different kinds of media such as: – Photos Videos (this includes using Boomerang and Hyperlapse from Instagram) – Live Videos On Stories And Highlights – GIFs Or Creative Video Concepts That Work With Your Brand’s Tone And Style Tips

Tip #4) Use The “Swipe Up” Feature To Link Out Of IG

This feature allows users click on one of your links in your bio and go directly to a page on your website!

  • This is extremely powerful as Instagram has large user numbers; if even ten percent of users click on one of these links, you’ll be getting new customers/clients through the door. – Make sure that all of your social media profiles are connected (including Facebook) for this feature to work best!
  • This is a great way to build relationships and large audiences on Instagram. – Feel free to post about other accounts you love, but make sure that it’s relevant! You don’t want your posts to look like spam or just an advertisement for the company/person who created said content

Tip #5) Use A Tool To Schedule Posts Ahead Of Time

If you’re busy running your business (and not stuck at a computer all day long), using apps such as Hootsuite or Later gramme can be very helpful in planning out what types of images and videos will go live when!

  • These tools allow users to plan out their own personal profiles and large brand pages alike with ease; no more editing photos on your phone while you’re on the go! – If you want to get a bit more advanced, try using Tailwind or Board booster for Pinterest and Instagram respectively. These tools allow large audiences to grow through automation!
  • Another helpful tool is Word swag which allows users to create stunning graphics with text overlay in just a few minutes. It’s free too, so it doesn’t hurt to give this one a shot either!

Tip #6) Use A Reposting App

We’ve talked about how large Instagram’s user base is…

  • In order to grow your own business, you have to get large numbers of people seeing your posts!
  • One great tool for doing this is using a reposting app. This allows users to take someone else’s post and repost it on their own profile with credit given back to the original poster/creator in the caption.

Repost apps will also allow large audiences from different platforms (such as Twitter or Tumblr) who are interested in certain hashtags see your content too!


With that in mind, here are five tips to get started with grow Your Business on Instagram. Try these and let us know how they work for you! If you want more help than this blog post can provide, we’re always ready and waiting to partner with you to create a stellar SEO or marketing plan that drives sales by considering how your customers think.

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