Q-Mobile Marketing Strategy Presentation

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Q-Mobile Marketing Strategy Presentation

Executive Summary

We selected Q mobile as our product and analyzed its performance and failure in the Pakistani mobile market. The company was launched by Mian Zeeshan Akhter in 2009. Its target market was youth, middle class and lower middle class people.

They used advertisement strategy to market their products. They did TV ads with Pakistani and Indian celebrities for promoting their products and made them brand ambassadors as well. It made huge success in its early days but its sales declined due to many reasons which are discussed later on in the report.

Q mobile used Differentiated (segmented) marketing for doing marketing of their products. They segmented people through demographic, behavioral, and Psychographic segmentation. Q mobile positioned their product at more quality for less cost.

We recommended many solutions many for the problems that Q mobile is facing currently and faced in the past. We also proposed a new ad along with a logo that will improve the brand marketing of the company.

Mian Zeeshan Akhter-CEO Q Mobile

Mian Zeeshan Akhter is the founder, chairman and CEO of Q mobile company. He completed his education in USA in 2003 and then came back to Pakistan to start his own mobile business. At the beginning, he affiliated with foreign mobile brands including Samsung and LG, searched for various opportunities, and sold their mobiles to understand the Pakistani market.

He worked as the importer, assembler, and official distributer of LG mobiles. He understood the market quite well and in 2009, launched his company Q mobile. Due to his hard work and dedication, Zeeshan won Brand Scientist Award back in November 2012.

Q Mobile- An Introduction             

q mobile marketing stategies

Q-mobile stands for Quality Mobile. The name was chosen to show their dedication towards providing top-notch quality in their products. The company’s headquarters was located in Karachi. It was introduced in the Pakistani Mobile company back in 2009. It was the first Pakistan’s own mobile brand. At that time, market was very competitive and saturated.

Furthermore, mobile giants such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, etc. were dominating the market. So, it was a huge challenge to compete with them. But Q Mobile performed very well as the sales were high due to low cost yet high quality of the mobiles.

Thanks to such a positive response, Q mobile begin to bring variety in their mobiles such as they introduced touch screen, QWERTY, Noir series, Android phones and more. Noir series was the most expensive one but the features it brought with it were remarkable and worth the money. With the passage of time, Q mobile products were of every range, from low range to middle range to high range. After the success of mobiles, Q mobile decided and took another step of launching Q tablets.

One of the main reasons of Q mobile’s success was its brand marketing. They spent a huge part of their budget on marketing of their mobiles through TV ads, social media platforms, and more. For TV commercials, they contacted and made deals with super models, film and TV stars of Bollywood and lollywood including Kareena Kapoor, Fawad Khan, Humayun Saeed, Ayeza Khan, Danish Taimoor, Shahid Kapoor, and more.

Recently, Esra Biljic, who played the role of “Halima Sultan” in the famous Turkish Series “Ertugrul”, did a TV commercial for their product Q Mobile Q Smart View. These stars have a sky high price, which shows how much Q mobile spent on their marketing strategy. There were also rumors that Q mobile ha contacted Hollywood star Angelina Jolie for an ad but that ad never came into existence.

Marketing Mix (4 P’s)

  • Product
  • Place


Q mobile offers various mobile phones in the market having several features in their phones like touch screen, Bluetooth, dual SIM, built in memory, QWERTY, processor, HD display, fingerprint sensor, etc. For example Noir A10 has wide touch screen, dual SIM, 8MP camera, auto flash, and HTML 5 browser. Q mobile A1 has 8GB storage, 17000mAh battery, 5MP camera, and 4.5 inch display. They also have launched cellular phones like E4 big has LCD display 2.8 inches, LED flash, 3.5mm audio jack, and FM radio.


Price of Q mobile phones were low as they offered good quality products at affordable prices. By keeping the target market in their mind, they set prices low of their products. They tried to keep prices low as compared to their competitors in the market. Although the prices of the phones were low, in the rural

areas people can’t afford them. So that’s why Q mobile introduced new models in very less price so that they can buy them.

q-mobile marketing strategy
q-mobile marketing strategy


Q mobile phones are available in the established malls. They are also sold at retailers and by electronics distributers. They are available everywhere like in small to big electronic stores so that everyone can buy them easily.


They promote their phones through advertising on TV, social media, and direct selling. They attract customers through special offers, by casting celebrities and singers in their promotion ads. They also advertise in radio shows, social events. Plus, they give gift and vouchers on the purchase of their products.


Competitors push to do our best and achieve more. No competitors causes no progress. Because of late entry in market, Q-Mobile faces many competitors in the market. They need to tackle with both direct as well as indirect competitors. Some of direct and indirect competitors are shown as below:

Direct Competitors

  • Nokia
  • Samsung

Indirect Competitors:

  • Huawei
  • OPPO
  • Apple
  • HTC
  • Xiaomi
  • Realme

SWOT Analysis


  • Pocket phones
  • Better services
  • Good promotion
  • User Friendly
  • Wide Model Range
  • Affordable Rates


  • Lack of Trust from Customers
  • Small Users
  • No Awareness In Rural Areas
  • Technical Problems
  • Physiological Matters


  • Professional experience of CEO
  • Good PR with LG & Microsoft
  • Wide range of mobile phones
  • Lead In the market


  • Local competitors
  • Price war
  • Loyal customers of competitors
  • Uncertainty in the Economic Condition in Pakistan
  • Late market entry

PEST Analysis

1.     Political Factors

The politics of Pakistan is unstable. With the change in government, the tax duty on the import of smart phone also changes. As, Q-Mobile imports its mobile phone from china therefore, tax duty has a bad effect on it.

The tax duty on mobile phone is 18% and is increasing day by day which causes difficulty for Q-Mobile. Trade restriction is also a crucial factor as in case if our relations with China become bad, Q mobile will not be able to suffer as the company cannot trade anymore.

2.     Economics Factors

Pakistan is a developing country. The inflation rate of Pakistan is 10.74% and is increasing day by day. Q-Mobile needs to set their prices by observing economic factor. An increase or decrease in the rate of US dollar will directly affect market of Q-Mobile.

3.     Social Factors

With the increase in population and use of technology in our country, the trend to use smart phone in increasing therefore, the market of Q-Mobile is also increasing every day. They offer low cost mobile phones making it possible of lower and middle class people to have a touch phone in their pocket.

There is a mobile phone for every age group. The company has been successful in fulfilling the needs of people of all age groups. Furthermore, Q mobile has a mobile phone for business, education, photography, gaming, and videography.

4.     Technological Factors

Because of having late entry in market, Q-Mobile faces great challenge from competitor. They are using advance technology therefore, Q-Mobile need to have a proactive strategy to keep themselves relative among their customers.

Value Preposition

Q mobile are providing more for less in their products i.e. they are offering more features at a lesser cost. This is a winning preposition which can be clearly seen in the impressive success of the company. This attracted customers as they can get features at an affordable price.

Brand Development

In order to create and distinguish smart phone from competitors, Q-Mobile works on the strategy of brand development. The brand development can be done in four ways. Brand development For Q-Mobile is



Line Extension

All smart phones of Q-Mobile including Noir, A series etc.

Brand Extension

Tablets manufacture by Q- Mobile



Multi Brands

No multi brand is introduce by Q-Mobile

New Brand

No new brand is introduced


Product Category

Brand Name

Creating Value to the Customers

In order to increases customer satisfaction and customer experience, Q-Mobile focuses on the following things to create values to its target customers:

Product Attributes and Features:

q-mobile features

As the name suggest Quality Mobile, Q-Mobile focuses on delivering high quality smart phone. They offer well attribute and feature products in a very less cost which is a well competitive tool for them. Their product looks stylish and is easy to use by their targeted customers.


Packaging can create a story in the mind of customers about brand. Q-Mobile focuses deeply on their packing. Their packaging not only protects their smart phone but also their customers. Their packaging influences the buying behavior of customers in a very well manner.


Make the labeling to be simple, inviting to look at, memorable and fun to read. On the smart phones of Q- Mobile, very vast information is given about its display, network, color, battery, camera, memory etc. So, in this way we can say that the labeling of Q-Mobile is done in a very well manner.


In their logo, Q mobile, they focused on Q (as Q stands for Quality) and made it to look unique and catchy. They kept on changing their logos from time to time. They kept the text simple yet attractive. They also sponsored many mobile shops and whole sale dealers so that they can brand Q mobile on their shops and centers.

Product Line

The product portfolio of Q-Mobile consists of three types of smart phones:

1.       Feature Phones

Feature phones of Q-Mobile consist of their E-Series of button phones.

2.       Smart Phones

Noir and A1 series of Q-Mobile includes in touch phones of Q-Mobile.

3.       Tablets

Q-Mobile also introduces tablets of V-Series.


Q mobile has products at various price ranges. Their mobile ranges from 1500 PKR up to 27500 PKR. They have a huge variety of phones at different price tags. It shows that the company’s main focus was on providing phones that are affordable for lower and middle class people. As far as variety is concerned, Q mobile launched QWERTY, touch n type, smartphones, android, touchscreen and tablets. Hence, there was a product for everyone.

STP Process

STP process consists of segmentation, targeting and positioning. The STP of Q-Mobile is as follow:


Q-Mobile segments their market in three ways:

Demographic Segmentation

Q-Mobile segments people having middle or lower income level and focuses especially on youth. So, in this way we can say that segmentation done through age and income.

Psychographic Segmentation

Q mobile introduced their new series, “Noir” series. This word is use to show stylish and decent in their smart phone. So, in this way they are doing opinion and belief segmentation.

Behavioral Segmentation

By telling the benefits of having higher quality in lower prices, Q-Mobile is doing behavioral segmentation.


The USP (Unique selling proposition) of Q-Mobile is that it offers good features products in a very less amount. On positioning scale, Q-Mobile lies on offering more quality at less cost. Their point of difference is that it is user friendly, having good resale value and is Java supported.

More features


Imagine yourself in a situation where you are using an android mobile having a price tag of 50k. Now, what if I tell you another phone having same features but at a lower price is available. You would definitely go for that one, right? The same is the case with Q mobile.

They offer mobiles having features of mobiles worth 40-50k rupees at a much lower price along with a one year warranty. Q mobile’s success story is centered on this idea and their wonderful marketing policies and strategies.

Q mobile’s target market was those people who were looking to benefit from the latest and modern technology but at lower and affordable price. Q mobile company did this and provided latest technology at extremely low prices. Along with that, their products’ battery timing is also one of the best in the market. As compared to mobile giants such as HTC, Apple, Samsung, their prices of smartphones are impressively low.

Line Extension

Q Mobile did line extension in the series of Q mobile noir; they introduce different features in the noir series.

  • Q Mobile Noir E8. Rs.
  • Q Mobile Noir Z14. Rs. 22500.
  • Q Mobile Noir A1. Rs.
  • Q Mobile Noir Z12. Rs. 20500.
  • Q Mobile Noir M6. Rs.
  • Q Mobile Noir Z9 Plus. Rs. 19500.
  • Q Mobile Noir Z9. Rs. 19500.

Brand Equity

The more loyal customers, the more brand equity. In the beginning the brand equity of Q mobile is high and customers like its products because of affordable products with latest features. But after sometime, the products started to show problems; which are mentioned earlier in the report.

Hence, Q mobile started losing its customers. The trust of customers broke and they shifted to its competitors. Customers react less favorably, so, the brand equity decreased and became negative.

Brand Loyalty

Q mobile gained customers’ loyalty by giving various features in less prices. That is why; Q mobile became the one of the largest smartphone brands in the Pakistan. But then Q mobile lost its customers when they didn’t get the product the way they were advertised. They fooled the customers and this built distrust in the customers and they switched the brand.

Brand Extension

Q mobile did the brand extension by introducing tablets and smart watch.


Q mobile collaborated with Mobilink Jazz and introduced Q mobile JS1 and JS7 at the price tag of 4000 rupees and 8000 rupees respectively.

Product Stretching

Q mobile did upward and downward stretching at the sometime of their products. In the upward stretching they introduce mobile at higher prices having various latest features such as noir E8 was priced 27500. It was a banger in the Pakistani mobile market because it had those features which were found in a mobile phone that cost more than 40000 thousand.

The downward stretching q mobile launched products at very low prices for people who wanted a mobile for only communication purposes. For example, Q mobile L105 is available for only 1249 Rupees.

Life Cycle of Q-Mobile

The life cycle of a product consist of four stages:


The introduction phase of Q-Mobile is started from 2009 when it was firstly launch in market. In the introduction phase, they need to build strong brand image in market. For this, they did strong advertisement mainly through electronic medium. They did strong efforts to get attention of their targeted audience.


Because of offering well features and quality smart phones, Q-Mobile enters into growth stage after a very few interval of time. With the passage of time, their sales increase down rapidly and product got very much familiar in public.


At the growth stage, Q-Mobile faces many challenges from their competitors. Because of bankruptcy in 2018, Q-Mobile’s sales decreased down and the product entered into maturity stage. Also at that time, competitors move on having more and more innovation in their brand which attracts shifter type of customers in a cheerful manner.


Because of not changing their attitude towards innovation, the sales of Q-Mobile has reached to a very extreme low level. This causes them to enter into decline stage and thus has now lost all of their target customers.

Marketing strategy

In introduction phase create product engagement and test, in growth maximize growth share, in maturity stage maximize profit. While defending market share and in the decline stage q mobile should do line extension and milk the brand.

Brand asset valuator

We can analyze brand equity of Q-Mobile by observing Brand Asset Valuator (BAV). It consists of four pillars:


Q-Mobile differentiates their product by offering well features product at a very low cost.


The relevance of customers with Q-Mobile is quiet low. The main reason behind this is because of late entry in the market. Competitors like Samsung, Nokia made a very well relevance before the entry on Q-Mobile in market.


Although the ad campaign of Q-Mobile is very strong but still people don’t have proper knowledge about features of brand. The reason behind this is that inside their ad campaign, they don’t focus on delivering proper knowledge about the features of brand so that people can understand it but on its fancy and stylish look.


Because of involvement of Q-Mobile in certain illegal activities like scams, bankruptcy false advertisement etc., the respect of brand has decreased.


There are a number of reasons why Q mobile failed after enjoying a huge in success in the early days of their launch. The reasons are as follows:

Scam of Billions of Rupees

Q mobile company was involved in scam of billions of rupees. The company caused such a huge loss to the national exchequer. It was proved that Q mobile declared itself as a manufacturer to save up a huge amount of taxes. Whereas the company was relying more on the import of manufactured mobiles from China and other parts of the world.

A document released by the FBR showed that there is not a single evidence on the record that the latest technology has been sent by Chinese manufacturers, principals, patent holders of Q mobile company to the Digicom Trading Private Limited, while the company’s cellphones have been imported into Pakistan as raw material.

Till 2014, the company didn’t have the status of manufacturer, they were only importers. After October 2014, they got the status of being manufacturers of the mobiles although they didn’t manufacture all of their mobiles.


Q-mobile phones were rebranded Gionee phones sold in the Pakistani market. Whereas, in 2018, Gionee phones, the Chinese phone manufacturing company, declared itself as bankrupt in China. It impacted Q mobile smartphones heavily as the supply of phones was disturbed.

Though the company is still operational and is acquired by Jaina group in 2019, Q mobiles have finished their contract with the company back in 2018. Now, Q mobile manufactures its phones only in Pakistan.

Old Android Version

Previously, Q mobile phones were stuck on android Jellybean 4.2. There was no upgrade to the android version in its latest phones. Though, its latest model, Q mobile View has android Pie 9, but it is considerably older version when compared to the latest mobile phones that are equipped with android R 11.

Lackluster UI

The user interface of Q mobiles is not catchy and attractive. It is quite boring as compared to smartphones of other brands. The company works so hard on the branding and marketing of the mobiles but it seems like they don’t care much about the user interface of mobiles. Due to the simple user interface, users don’t get the feel and experience they expect the mobile would give them.

Battery Issues

Q mobiles have huge batteries and are strong competitors of mobiles of famous brands featuring large batteries. Their batteries work fine till 50%. But the problem comes after 50% of battery usage. The battery drops very quickly, like from 50% to 10% in mobile usage of only half an hour, which is frustrating.


Q mobiles have the worst bloatware in the mobile phones. There is a huge range of preinstalled apps that are quite useless and consume a lot of phone’s memory. What’s even worse, most of the apps cannot be removed from the system. These apps degrade the performance of the mobile when you install other apps from Google play store.

False Advertisement

Qmobile do false advertisement they give false information to attract the customers, they claim about their phones that they have HD display but actually it works on IPS display.

Qmobile does not make its own mobiles they used to buy copyright from other companies make phones of those designs. Another big lie is that they claim to make world’s slimmest phone. The image of qmobile brand becomes substandard because of this.

Low Memory

Q mobile phones have low memory or are limited on memory. They offer a maximum of 4 Gb ram and 32 Gb storage. Whereas the latest phones offer up to 16 Gb ram and 512 Gb of storage memory. This memory limitation also decreases the performance of mobile and users face issues while using Q mobiles.

Google Play Store Issues

Whenever a user is downloading an app from Google Play store, it gives the error “Stopped

Unexpectedly”. To solve this issue, user has to restart device again and again. And most of the time, the error is not treated and user is unable to install the app.

Common Problems

Some of the commonly faced issues in Q mobiles are as follows:

Common Q Mobile issues

  • Crashes
  • Doesn’t starts
  • SIM signal issues
  • No internet connection
  • Mobile hangs
  • OS cannot be upgraded
  • Touchscreen not responding


RecommendationsIn 2013, Q mobile was the top seller in the Pakistani mobile market. Its main competitor was Nokia. In 2013, the sale share percentage of Q mobile was almost 40%. This shows the immense positive response of the customers.

In 2018, this share was ultimately decreased due to multiple reasons. One the many reasons of this decrease in sales were the introduction of new brands such as Oppo, Realme, etc. The share of Q mobile dropped from 40% to 17% in 2018. Clearly, the issues in the Q mobile products caused the decrease in sales.

  • Although, the performance quality of Q-Mobile is quiet good but there exist a very big issue in conformance quality of smart phone. As the time goes on, inconsistency in delivering function occur. As a result, the product value for customers falls. Q-Mobile needs to focus on its conformance quality by using advance technology and software while manufacturing their smart
  • Q-Mobile can take Competitive advantage from Samsung. Likewise Samsung introduces WOW test in order to test the quality of their smart phones, Q-Mobile can also do such test before launching their product in
  • Q-Mobile need to focus on increasing their market shares so they can grow themselves in the
  • They need to develop Information System. So that upper management can get in touch with customers and know about their problems, needs and want. The information will help them to improve quality of their smart
  • In order to keep themselves away from Decline stage and to be in Maturity stage, they need to focus on innovation. For innovation, they can do certain programs to get newn ideas for their product. They can crowdsourcing for gathering new ideas and also internal and external sources of Q-Mobile may help to collect new features and make their product innovative.
  • They can also go for Brand Extension by introducing Q-Mobile Smart watches, E.Ds, Washing machines, Wireless hands free, etc.
  • They can also adopt the strategy of Cobranding (with well-established and related brands) and introduce new product. So, in this way the market of Q-Mobile become
  • The brand image of Q-Mobile is very bad. They need to create a superior image. For this, they need to have a deep focus on attributes, quality and features they are
  • They need to trap higher class audience to increase their market. They can introduce a smart phone having well battery timing, consistency in delivering functions, high memory, good quality camera phone so that higher class audience can be
  • Inside their ads campaigns, they should tell more about features of smart phone rather than its stylish look and
  • They can introduce free call system from Q-Mobile to Q-Mobile.
  • They need to work on the UI and make it more attractive and catchy for users so that they don’t get bore while using their
  • They have to provide better battery
  • They should upgrade their android to android 11
  • They need to add more storage capacity in their
  • Instead of copying others, they should make their own innovative and new designs to attract more customers and compete in the
  • They should tackle and consider the bloatware issue very seriously in their

Ad Campaign

  • In their ads, they should keep on considering Pakistani and Indian celebrities for their ads. They should also go for Hollywood stars, if
  • They should show the exact features of the mobile being promoted through animations, spectacular videography and special effects. For example, for the mobile camera, they should not only tell the mega pixels of the camera, they should also show its results in the form of a picture or video clip.
  • Processor of the mobile phone also matters. They should display the proper name of the processor along with gameplay of the games on the

Battery also matters, so show the exact capacity of the battery and showing how large it is and how much battery time it can give you. They should tell the truth about the phone’s display. If it is IPS display, they should tell the customers in a creative and impressive way that the display of the phone is very good.

  • They should display box of the phone in the ad along with the accessories that comes with it.
  • The name of the mobile phone should be on the top left or top right of the TV ad and text size should be large enough so that it is clearly visible in the

TV Ad Scene

We suggest them to use the following ad of the latest Q mobile smartphone:

The scene begins with four boys sitting on a sofa in a room doing mobile gaming. Unfortunately, game of one of them suddenly starts to lag and ultimately, shuts down. Then comes the entry of our phone via his another friend sitting next to him. He shows the game running smoothly on Q mobile phone.

He tells him about the features of the mobile, especially Snapdragon processor, up to 2 days of battery timing, 5000 mAh battery capacity, fast charger, Super Amoled Display, 5G connectivity, 3D curved Display, Ultra Night Video mode, and more.

Then he says that what’s something else that makes the phone so special? He asks what it is. The friend replies by showing him Q buds. Then, he suggests him to buy this phone. Then, he plays game on the phone and experiences lag free gaming.


They should give their latest mobiles to tech reviewers and mobile reviewers for the purpose of promotion. If it is a gaming phone they should contact YouTube gamers and other social media platforms. They can also do events and they can promote their product in PSL event to attract the customers.

Recommended Value Preposition

We recommend that the Q mobile company should opt for the value preposition more for the same; more benefits for the same price. It is crucial because in this way, the company can make a comeback and attack the value preposition of its competitors.

Recommended Packaging

We recommend that the phone packaging should be in a more luxurious and eye catching way. The package should be made up of recyclable material. The box’s edges should be curved and non-pointed so that it doesn’t harm the customers. The accessories that come with the phone should also be properly packed in a high quality wrapper or any wrapping material.

Recommended Labeling

The pictures (taken from different angles) of the phone along with its specs and full details should be mentioned on the box. The included accessories should also be mentioned on the box. The box should have the company logo on the front. These recommended labeling suggestions should be applied to the boxes of all phones. There should be a special tagline related to the phone series on the box as well.

Recommended Line Extension

To meet the needs and requirements of different customers, Q mobile should launch phones of different series such as a series of wide screen, a series of stylish and premium look, a series of gaming phones, a series of photography phones, a series of lightweight phones, a series of full touch screen phones, a series of business phones, a series of notes, a series of flip phones, etc.

Recommended branding

We change the Q alphabet and the overall design and keep it simple, also change the logo to attract the customers. We recommend the new slogan Quality that you’re looking for.


We did marketing analysis of Q mobile where the company at success in the initial years but with the passage of time company faced huge losses and decreased in sales we pointed out the mistakes and gave our recommended solutions for them, we strongly believe that if the company act upon our recommendations it’s come back in the Pakistani mobile market.

Fill in the answers to the questions regarding the Marketing Mix (4P’s).
Product (brand name)  


(Describe Packaging) The packaging of Q-Mobile is quite good. It not only protects the smart phone but also Q-Mobile’s customers.
Is there any nutritional information given on the packet? Yes, the labeling on the box is done well. It gives us information about features of the brand


Also describe colors of different packaging? The color of the box changes from time to time but whatever the box color is, it creates an awesome contrast with the color of the mobile phone.

How many flavors does the brand offer? If it is edible.

Name them.

Other varieties/forms of your product.

Q-Mobile offers variety of smart phones. Their portfolio also consists of features phones and tablets.

Very vast number of smartphones are manufacture by Q- Mobile as a product line


Does the company sell other products besides this one? If so list them.

Are there any line extensions or brand extensions??

Yes, Q Mobile, other than mobile phones, sells Q smart watches and Q tablets.

What is the slogan?

Q Mobile

Quality that you’re looking for


(Here you can further add info regarding your product features, attributes or benefit to customer)

Q-Mobile offer much features and good quality in a very less cost making it possible for every single individual to have a smart phone in their hand.

How the product is transported/shipped to stores from Manufacturing area


Product is shipped from China through freight. From Karachi port, the products are transported through loaded trucks to the Q mobile warehouses and from there it is

distributed between sellers and retailers via small trucks.


What stores are these products sold in? (E:g retailers, convenience stores,

Name them)

Q-Mobile is available in every single store. Their retailers are present in well establish malls. Also available in many

online stores.



On which shelf, the product is placed? Eye- level shelf, bottom or top level?

Q mobiles were usually placed in the front and every level of shelf so that it could be visible to every customer.

How much does your product cost?

The price of Q-Mobile varies from one smart phone to other. The average price of Q-Mobile is Rs. 15000



What is your pricing strategy?

The cost of our product must be according to pocket size of our customers.

Where you will be promoting your product?

We will be promoting the product on social media platforms and TV advertisements.

Are promotions done through social

sites? Which social sites do will you utilize more?

We will hire different bloggers. So that by having a positive word of mouth on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook by bloggers, vast range of customers know about our product

Will you be providing any sales promotion/discounts? If so, when and also give valid reason behind running sales


On the launch of every single set, we will give discount of 10% on first thousand customers. In this way, our audience got attracted.

What medium does the company use to advertise? (E.g TV, Radio, Newspaper)

As our target customers are middle and lower class. These people are more familiar with TV and Radio. Therefore, we will advertise on these platforms.


We will donate 1% of our profit on every single sale as a charity to needy people.

Does the company support any causes or charity?

Does the Product Sponsor any events?

We will done different events in Orphan houses, do Ramzan transmissions and different environment safety programs.

Will there be any games introduced to attract/engage customers? If so, what is your plan?

55% of Pakistani people take interest in sports. We will sponsor a cricket tournament because Pakistani peoples are cricket lovers therefore we can engage to massive audience.


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