Some of the Sources Which Convey Messages Without listening

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Sources Which Convey Messages

Some of the sources which convey messages without listening, speaking, reading and writing are as follow:

Left Eye twitching

When person’s left eye if twitching, it indicates that something “Bad is going to happen” .So, in this way we can say that a signal is generated inside our mind that we will face something bad in future.


When someone sneeze, it symbolize that someone is thinking about a person. This necessarily doesn’t apply if we have flu or cold, but in case we don’t then this prediction can be apply.

A crow is cawing like crazy

A crow outside your house cawing indicates that guests are coming to our house. Although it doesn’t have any accuracy but we still believe on this.

Drink milk after fish

Drinking milk after eating fish will cause ‘Skin Disease”. Although there is no logic behind this but still, we can say it is a prediction found in our society and we believe on it

Palms itchy

Whenever a person is having palms itchy, it indicates that money is coming in person’s hand near.

Hang shoe on Vehicle

People hang shoe on their vehicles because they believe that it would save them from any accident. Any type of misshape will go towards them.


Colors also tells us deep about situation. In our society, different colors indicates us different things. For example, Black color is linked with sorrow, evil, mourning, magic, fierceness, illness, bad luck, and mystery.

Sit under a tree after its dark

People sitting under a tree after its dark will be possessed by a Jin. Although it doesn’t proved scientifically but still people have believe on it and it’s an indication for them inside their mind.

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