Strategies For Conflict Management In The Workplace

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Five Strategies for Conflict Management:

1-      Avoiding

To ignore something and hope that the issue will resolve on its own. For this, we use the term ‘I will think about it’.

For Example

When my friends are taking some nonsense, I try to ignore them and move out from there in order to decrease my anger.

2-      Accommodating

To bargain with other person’s views. When we use the term “It would be my pleasure” ,we are actually accommodating.

For Example

When my perspective about something is different from other, I try to forfeit my own views.

3-      Compromising

To make a settlement on any issue. For this, a common perspective is taken out in which both the parties are agreed on.

For Example

When me and my siblings are planning for a trip and all of us have different views of visiting places. In this, we compromise and select a single place to go for.

4-      Competition

In this, both parties try to implement their own idea. This is mainly done through use of power.

For Example

Two political parties struggling to achieve their own goals are using the approach of competition.

5-      Collaboration

In this, both parties work together in order to be agreed on a single point. It is necessary to have mutually understanding between both parties.

For Example

In a business meeting, two manager purposed their plan but the owner asked them to make a single plan. In this way both managers work together and purposed a single plan to the owner.

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