Best Ways to Download Instagram Stories [Through Links & Without Apps, Directly Saved in the Gallery]

Knowing how to view and download instagram stories anonymously will help those of you who want to save other people’s story uploads . How to save Instagram Stories is also easy because it’s only “sat, set, sat, set” .

As we all know, the Instagram Story feature is only live for 24 hours. If the broadcast limit expires, the story will disappear automatically. Unlike the Instagram aesthetic feed , which you can view and save at any time.

Therefore, there must sometimes be one important post from someone’s IGS that you want to save, right? It’s just that, because there is no auto-save feature on IGS, you have a hard time saving the content to the gallery.

Eits, take it easy because now there is an download ig stories online service that you can use to save other people’s stories . Come on, read this article to the end to find out how to use it!

How to download private IG story Via Link?

Instagram Story or Insta Story is one of the most popular Instagram features that people often use. Almost every day the users of every Instagram share stories on this feature.

Unfortunately, the content that users share cannot be saved by other users, even if you follow each other or their Instagram is private .

It’s natural that when you read this article, you still don’t believe that there is a way to save someone else’s IGS via a link.

Instead of getting curious, just check how to save IG stories with music or without music, which can be done through the methods below. Guaranteed very easy!

Tutorial Instagram Story Download without Watermark

Features of Instagram Story Ae7a7
Photo source: Piqsels – The best and most popular Instagram features

The reason is, by knowing these ways, you can download other people’s IG Stories without being caught . The result can also not be broken, it can even reach 1080p.

Jaka never tried this method himself, gang. Image quality does not decrease and is guaranteed without the slightest watermark . Without further ado, see how below, come on!

1. StorySaver

Storysaver Igs 77dfc
Photo source: StorySaver site – Site to download IGS

StorySaver is the first Instagram Story download site that ApkVenue recommends for you. This site provides a private IG Story download service , both photo and video content for someone’s IGS.

Here, you can also download other people’s feeds and highlights , you know. Want to know how? Come on, see below!

  1. Visit the site .
  2. Pull down until you find the “Download Instagram Stories” column .
  3. Enter the IGS username you want in the column.
  4. Pull down again and click the “Save as Photo” menu to save the photo or video from the IGS.
  5. Done.

2. InstaSaved

Download Story Artist 6559c
Photo source: InstaSaved Site – Site to download Instagram Stories

Apart from using StorySaver, you can also download Instagram Story viewer URL videos via Instasaved, gang. It’s also easy, just enter your username as above.

  1. Visit Instasaved site via URL here
  2. Select the service you want; whether Stories, Highlights, Photos, Videos, IGTV, and others.
  3. Enter the username whose IG Story you want to save >> click “Download”.
  4. Wait a few moments until the system displays the IGS.
  5. Done.

3. SnapInsta

Photo source: SnapInsta site – Site to download Instagram Story videos

Furthermore, there is SnapInsta which you can use as a place to download IG Stories via a link without an application. The features are also quite complete. You can download videos, IGS, and reels . Here’s how to use it!

  1. Paste the IGS link that you copied in the column provided.
  2. Wait a while until the IG story preview is displayed for you to save.
  3. After that, click “Download” to save.
  4. Wait for the process for a while, the story is already stored in the phone gallery.

4. InstagramSave

Nowadays Instagram Stories are getting more sophisticated. You can not only create stories with videos, but you can also add music to the IGS videos .

Well, if you want to know how to download Story IG with music, you can take a peek at the method below.

  1. Go to the page .
  2. Enter the IG username you want to download.
  3. Click “Download Stories” .
  4. Choose the type of download you want; whether “Download MP4” or “Download JPG” in the desired story post.
  5. Done.


Be96f Youtube and Instagram Video Download Sites

Photo source: site – Site for video download via link

The recommended site for downloading IG via the last link is . Here, you can not only download content from Instagram Stories, you can also download various videos on YouTube and Twitter.

The site is already very well known and is often used by people to download videos and songs via the link there.

  1. Visit [ site] (
  2. Copy and paste the link you want to download in the column provided.
  3. After that, click “Download” .
  4. Wait a while until the system displays the video or photo you need.
  5. Done

The Final word

That’s Techy Vela explanation about how to download Story IG via a link that you can use. With the method above, you can get all photo and video content from IGS easily.

Now, just practice how, come on. Select the IGS of someone you want to download and then save it to the gallery, okay? It must have worked right away, gang.

Hopefully the discussion about how to download Story IG with music without this application is useful, yes. That’s all and see you in the next article!

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