Best Ways to Recover Deleted Videos From Android & iPhone [Definitely Come Back]

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Phone Memory can actually be done easily in various ways. So, you don’t need to panic when you accidentally delete a video on your cellphone, gang.

Currently, there are many applications that can help you to make the results of your videos even cooler. The usefulness of this kind of video editing application certainly makes everyone able to create interesting works.

However, not infrequently the video results that have been captured have to be deleted accidentally or something else. Fortunately, now there are several ways to be able to restore the deleted video.

Are you also experiencing this fate? Don’t worry, ApkVenue has prepared a tutorial on how to restore deleted videos with or without an application that will help you solve this problem!

1. How to Restore Deleted Videos on HP via Google Photos

Google Photos 32342
Photo source: Google Play

This method is the most common, especially for Android users. The reason is, Android smartphones are currently connected to a Google account. So, photos and videos are usually backed up here.

Here are the steps to restore videos via Google Photos:

  1. Open the Google Photos platform .

  2. Find the video you want to recover.

  3. Download the video you want to recover.

2. how to recover deleted videos on Mobile via EaseUs MobiSaver

EaseUs MobiSaver 49eb6
Photo source: Google Play

EaseUs MobiSaver is an app to retrieve deleted photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp messages and conversations from your device. You can take videos from the phone’s internal memory and an external microSD card.

Here are the steps to restore videos via EaseUs MobiSaver:

  1. Download and install the EaseUS MobiSaver app .

  2. Connect your Android device to the computer with a USB cable.

  3. Click the Start button and scan the Android device for lost data or videos.

  4. The app will scan the device to find any lost data or videos.

  5. Preview appears and data transfer from Android to computer.

  6. Go through the process of previewing all files and selecting the videos to restore.

  7. Click the Recover button to transfer and restore the selected data to the computer.

  8. Save the video that you have recovered.

3. How to recover deleted videos from iPhone and android on HP via Dr.Fone

Dr Fone 6630f
Photo source: Google Play

This app is your mobile data recovery solution for all Android devices as it can recover data, including videos. This app also supports to recover WhatsApp messages deleted by the sender.

Here are the steps to restore videos via Dr.Fone:

  1. Download the Dr.Fone app and install it on your computer.

  2. Connect the Android device to the computer.

  3. Automatically, the application will perform the device identification process.

  4. Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging mode if the app doesn’t work.

  5. Appears the types of file types that can be restored.

  6. The device will restart and enter the file restore process.

  7. Select data and show preview then file and click restore .

4. How to Restore Deleted Videos on HP via DiskDigger

DiskDigger 6024f
Photo source: Google Play

DiskDigger can undelete and recover lost photos, pictures or videos from the internal memory or external memory card. This app can also save files to a different local folder on the device.

Here are the steps to restore videos via DiskDigger:

  1. Open the DiskDigger Pro application and perform the scanning process .

  2. Select the file or video to be recovered or recovered.

  3. Click recover selected file in the menu on the top right.

  4. Select a storage location and the recovery process will take place.

5. How to Recover Permanently deleted videos from android on HP via Deleted File Recovery

How to Restore Deleted Videos 1 E4216
Photo source: Doc. JalanTikus – Video files on Android phones that are permanently deleted can be recovered with the application

This application will help you to easily restore deleted videos from your cellphone. Later, you can recover files that have been deleted on the Android cellphone, ranging from photos, videos, even to music or audio.

Here are the steps to restore videos via Deleted File Recovery:

  1. Download and install the Deleted File Recovery application .

  2. Enter the application, tap the Video Recovery menu .

  3. Please wait for the app to scan files automatically.

  4. Later all the videos that were previously deleted will appear.

  5. Tap the video you want to restore, then tap Restore Now .

  6. Done.

How to Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone?

How To Recover Deleted Videos On IPhone 40392
Photo source: Doc. JalanTikus – How to restore videos on iPhone without special applications.

Since iOS 8 was launched, iPhone devices are equipped with a special folder called Recently Deleted . This folder allows users to easily restore or recover deleted videos and other files.

Similar to the Recycle Bin on PCs and laptops, this feature saves deleted video files even if it’s only for 40 days before the video or file is actually permanently deleted.

So that you can easily restore deleted videos without an application on your iPhone, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open in a browser.

  2. Enter email and password.

  3. Select Photos .

  4. Click Albums at the very top of the tab.

  5. Select the Recently Deleted album .

  6. Click Select Photos .

  7. Select the video you want to recover.

  8. Press Recover to recover or restore previously deleted videos.

BONUS: How to Recover Deleted Videos on PC

In addition to using Android applications, you can also rely on applications or software on your PC or laptop.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to code to recover videos that were accidentally deleted from the device.

You can use a variety of existing PC software to help you restore the lost video. Like the two special software to restore the following files.

1. Recuva

The first way to restore deleted videos on a PC is to install the Recuva software . If you don’t have this software , you can directly download it via the following download link .

Recuva 1.5.3
Apps Cleaning & Tweaking Piriform

>>> Download Recuva here<<<

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Recuva App

Have you finished downloading the application? Just follow the steps below to restore deleted videos. Guaranteed 100% successful.

  1. Open the Recuva software , then connect the Android device to the PC using a USB cable.
  2. Select the Video option to restore lost videos on Android.
How to Restore Deleted Videos Recuva 1 8b82c
Photo source: Doc. JalanTikus- How to restore deleted videos using the Recuva application.
  1. Select the last location of the file before it was lost, then click OK to start the search.
How to Restore Deleted Videos Recuva 2 E949b
Photo source: Doc. JalanTikus – Tutorial to restore videos using Recuva APK.
  1. Wait until the process ends, Recuva will display the deleted videos that were in the folder.

2. Wondershare MobileTrans

Besides Recuva, you can also use Wondershare MobileTrans to restore lost videos on Android via your PC/laptop, you know.

After installing the software on your PC, you can follow the steps to use it below.

  1. Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable, then select Android Data Recovery.
How to Recover Deleted Videos Wondershare 1 E21df
Photo source: Doc. JalanTikus – Guide to restore videos using Wondershare MobileTrans.
  1. Wait until the process is complete, Wondershare will show you the lost files again.
How to Recover Deleted Videos Wondershare 2 3438b
Photo source: Doc. JalanTikus – Wondershare MobileTrans displays missing files.
  1. Specify which files you want to recover by clicking the Recover option.

  2. Done.

>>> Download Wondershare MobileTrans here<<<

Other Ways to Use the Two Software Above

Want to know the complete way and steps to restore deleted videos using the two software above?

If so, you can see the article on how to restore deleted files on Android below. Jaka never discussed it more deeply there.

The final word

That’s a review of how to recover deleted videos from android phone without computer in 2022 which is guaranteed to make you calmer in keeping important videos on your cellphone. Some of the methods above do not need to be rooted on the device, gang

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