Which is Best Mobile for PUBG Under 20000?

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Almost eight years ago, the company PUBG Corporation released their mobile game brand to the world. And since then, the company got a lot of success in the developing of games in the mobile industry.

PUBG Company

Although PUBG Company had a lot of success in mobile gaming industry, there are many other gaming companies that are competing on the market in the country. Besides, many players think it is almost impossible to make a profitable game in this industry, but PUBG Corporation got their best game out of this industry.

PUBG Corporation

However, even after years of perfect performance, PUBG Corporation started a console war with other games in the gaming industry that has become a problem for PUBG Corporation. This, not the players’ real problem, but the company’s weakness.

This in the background, we have to know how long it will take for PUBG Corporation to perfect the mobile version of its game. But when it comes to making profitability of the game, it is not easy. However, still, we can find a few possible ways to make that successful.


As of now, PUBG Corporation has not released a game on all gaming platforms in the world. Currently, the company is working in two operating editions on the market, namely the Android version (PUBG Mobile Android version) and the iOS version (PUBG Mobile iOS version).

Android Version

PUBG Corporation started developing the Android version of its game from January 2020, with the idea to provide better graphics, in-game activities, gameplay, and server-side issues to the players.

PUBG Corporation has completed at least 70 percent of the android version according to COVID-19 situation. Based on the system logs on Google Play Store and reports from CS:GO, there have been 320 million download sessions for the Android version of PUBG Corporation’s mobile game.

PUBG Corporation’s high-quality version of the Android version of the game has caused a lot of people to try its promotion online. So much so, several players have been enjoying its fast-paced action and short-time operations.

And the official feedback about the mobile version of PUBG Corporation’s mobile game is great, so we can conclude that Android version of the game will not fail. And we can expect the company to release the stable Android version of PUBG Corporation’s mobile game in the future.

P/Month Revenue

PPUG Corporation posted an update on its official social media platforms: “PUBG Mobile updated PUBG Mobile with Android version, which includes basic look and feel features, an improved grid of bright colors, zoom in and out features, new graphics, and ready-to-run functionality; an upgraded launcher for Android™ players; and an exciting UI and navigation theme”.

According to the log, PPUG Corporation’s android version of the game has so far made more than 70 million downloads of their game, with a total revenue of 2,739 million in 30 days.

It is crucial to note that PPUG Corporation made 40 million revenue after launching a desktop version of the game on Linux. This is a great success for PPUG Corporation, but still, it is not enough to start releasing more games than its mobile version.

Facebook Product Manager of PPUG Corporation, Henry Xiao, confirmed in his statement that the company does not stop with its mobile version of the game. Once the company find the perfect mobile version of their game, they plan to launch it to other platforms.

I firmly believe that PPUG Corporation should release some games on other platforms, and not just restrict its games to its native platform.

PUBG Corporation’s official website mentions that the company has 50 million active players, but if we take into account the growing word of mouth promotion and other ways of obtaining PPUG Corporation’s mobile game, it is possible that the number of active players is far higher than 50 million, which might explain why the company has not been able to develop mobile version of its game.

PUBG Corporation should consider releasing its games on competitors’ platforms to maximize its profitability. PPUG Corporation’s smartphone version of the game has so far brought more than 70 million downloads in 30 days, so it is an opportunity for PPUG Corporation to release its full version on rival mobile platforms of rival gaming companies.

PUBG Corporation’s $0.00 CPC

PUBG Corporation has announced that it will launch its PC version of PUBG Mobile Online Beta in August 2020. But in order to attract customers to its products, PPUG Corporation needs to “educate the market on the benefits of PPUG’s stable and secure Games”, “provide more rewards to users”, and “lower the cost of the games�

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