Which mobile is best for gaming in under 20000?

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Most countries in the world have so many different types of games. But, still the option to choose from from among them is a bit limited.

Gaming phone

If you are in the hunt for a gaming phone that can give you the top experience as per your taste, let’s have a look at what is on offer in Pakistan currently!

There are several new types of games, however, these games aren’t all easily accessible and share some similarities.

Best games available for gamers

To start with, the best games available for gamers to play are available on Android phones. In fact, all of the Android phones out there can support gaming. Whether you are addicted to Super Mario Bros., or Zombie land with zombies or the newer 3D fighting games like Spider-Man (Super Mario) and Assassin’s Creed Unity (Path of Exile).

Android phone

From an Android phone, it’s much easier to download these games as compared to an iPhone, as all you have to do is download an official version of the game (like Zombie land) from Google Play Store, then download a mini version of it on your phone. From there, you can start playing.

Android’s gaming library is expansive.

Android’s gaming library is expansive. But, to be truly competitive with Apple, you have to have a different gaming setup, with different models to choose from. A good example of a decent gaming setup, which supports game streaming on YouTube.

If you are picking up a smartphone which does not support a gaming streaming service, you can still play PUBG Mobile on your phone. However, this doesn’t include the loading time for this game as you can get more realistic results on Android games which have livestreaming capability.

PUBG Mobile Game

For instance, your phone needs to have no memory-buffer issues. As the name suggests, PUBG Mobile is game where a large part of the game is played online.

Also, there is a small risk of your phone taking a few minutes to start up. On top of that, you can be that late because of always being late, and being late due to being late due to being late.

By being later, you are the target.

If you are doing the mental analysis on how such restrictions make gaming difficult, you are definitely not going to be satisfied with either of the games you end up picking up. You will definitely consider picking up a quality phone if you can go gaming. Therefore, here are the best two Android gaming phones for you to choose from:

LG G5 (The gaming phone).

The high-end device comes with a luxurious 2020 design that translates into a stunning smartphone aesthetic. It is also extremely comfortable to hold.

This device can last you for hours at a time and can be tough for running any apps. This phone also has a clutch of features like Dual Screen to add an extra screen for entertainment, and a Rear camera for selfies and gaming. This is one of the best gaming smartphones for gamers to get while playing PUBG Mobile!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 M1 (Pakistan’s best gaming phone).

The superior industrial design of this product is specially engineered to provide users with the best and most captivating gaming experience. With a screen larger than 5.7 inches, it can be viewed in two modes (1.4 Screen, 1.5 Full HD+ or 1.5 720p Video).

As the name says, the Samsung Galaxy S7 M1 is a proper gaming phone. Therefore, it features a quad rear camera setup along with a 12MP main camera and a 5MP ultra wide shooter as well as a 16MP front-facing camera, all of which ensure you take pics with your phones as good as those taken on your go.

Again, if you want to show your friends what you are capable of, by playing games on your smart phones, you can go ahead and buy Samsung’s Galaxy S7 M1 phone for gaming purposes.

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