Why Intel vPro is the Future of Remote Work and Collaboration

Why Intel vPro is the Future of Remote Work and Collaboration

Intel vPro is a set of hardware and software technologies that enable businesses to remotely manage and secure their PCs. Thanks to vPro processors which make it possible for IT administrators to access PCs even when they are turned off or have a corrupted operating system. This can be used to troubleshoot problems, deploy software updates, and even wipe the hard drive if necessary.But how many activities are possible from a single processor? It’s possible due to the functionalities such as modern manageability( Intel AMT, Intel EMA), advanced security and so on. To know in-depth about these functionalities, read on:


Modern Manageability:

The Intel vPro processors offer the presence of cloud-based manageability and security potential. This allows clients to secure activities through a diverse range of locations. vPro processors can easily manage clients to keep your organization’s employees productive.

Most of the businesses are already using this technology to take the advantage of in-built organizational technologies. This Intel vPro platform comes with in-built Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, Intel Active Management Technology, Intel Endpoint Management Assistant etc.

To know about these technologies, read on:

Intel Active Management Technology(AMT):Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) is a hardware-based technology built into PCs with Intel vPro technology. AMT is designed to help sys-admins remotely manage and secure PCs out-of-band when PC power is off, the operating system (OS) is unavailable (hung, crashed, corrupted, missing), software management agents are missing, or hardware (such as a hard disk drive or memory) has failed.

Intel Xeon Scalable Processors:

Intel Xeon Scalable Processors are designed to accelerate your device performance. This can handle fastest-growing workloads such as in AI(artificial intelligence), data analytics, networking, storage, high-performance computing etc.

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These processors come up with in-built accelerators of any CPU on the market.

Intel Endpoint Management Assistant(EMA):

Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel EMA) is a cloud-based software that allows IT administrators to remotely manage and troubleshoot PCs that might be in the office, in employee homes, or anywhere else. Intel EMA is integrated with Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT), which provides hardware-level manageability of endpoint PCs. This means that IT administrators can manage PCs even when the operating system is down.

Intel EMA offers a variety of features, including:

  • Remote power control
  • Remote access to BIOS
  • Remote disk mounting
  • KVM remote control for hardware level graphical remote control
  • Remote platform erase
  • One-click recovery

Remotely Reimage Devices:

Yeah! It’s quite similar to boot redirection as you can remotely reimage most of the devices. Employees can smoothly use this technology to stay productive. 

Follow the below-mentioned pointers to remotely re-image devices:

  • Install the Intel vPro management software on your computer.
  • Create a bootable image of the operating system that you want to deploy.
  • Boot the target computer into the Intel vPro management console.
  • Select the bootable image that you created in step 2.
  • Click on the “Reimage” button.
  • The target computer will be re-imaged with the operating system that you selected.

Comprehensive Security:

Intel vPro processors offer overall security and active measures. This also provides a room for out-of-the-box functions like Intel Hardware Shield.

Do you know about this technology?

  • It aims at reducing the risk of malware injection by properly using Intel Hardware Shield. This software is operating to prevent you from planting malware which compromises OS(Operating System).
  • This also helps in ensuring the OS boots with the help of a protective shield. You can experience the hardware-based security capabilities that can support a boot properly.
  • You can run virtual machines for the purpose of security-based isolation with application compatibility. This runs across a range of systems to help protect the user credentials, workspaces, applications and data in hardened enclaves.
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Bottom Line:

Intel vPro processors offer a range of benefits to companies such as enhanced security, great performance, remote management of devices and so on. With continuous use of this technology businesses can get an edge over their competitors.

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