Zapier Winning Website: 9 Things To Steal From This Startup

Zapier, a SaaS platform that now has millions of customers and integrates with over 3,000 apps, is the perfect example of an established company in our industry .

Zapier’s homepage is clean and easy to use, it converts well too! This post will take you through 9 things we can learn from this startup’s website:

  1. Keep your home page tidy
  2. Use persuasive design elements
  3. Have a clear call to action on every page
  4. Use visual content to help your readers understand
  5. Use images to your advantage
  6. Use a visual hierarchy to guide your visitors
  7. Use social proof to build trust
  8. Be transparent about your product
  9. Keep your copy short and to the point

1) Keep your home page tidy

You want to keep your home page clean and tidy. You can achieve this by adding just one widget, such as an article of the week or some inspirational quotes from our partners at World Vision International .

“The only way to know if something is real is if it makes a difference.” -Vince Lombardi This passage explains how clutter on all pages except home pages will make visitors feel overwhelmed by information overload , reducing their chances of finding what they’re looking for quickly because so many options were available before. in a matter of seconds, but now everything takes longer than before. because of those annoying ads popping up everywhere!

2) Use persuasive design elements

You can use persuasive design elements to make your message stand out.

The most important thing in marketing is repetition , and with it comes understanding ; This means that you need a clear understanding of what people want from their purchases or experiences before they actually buy them . You also have the opportunity to achieve impactful engagement when you use these methods: Instead of simply asking viewers if they like something (eight more), provide incentives like prizes that motivate action onname of consumers who would. otherwise, he won’t be interested enough yet, but he might change once the right incentive is offered .

While using persuasive design elements can be beneficial , it is important not to overdo it or your information will become convoluted and confusing for viewers who are still trying to figure out what exactly they want without being distracted by unnecessary clutter on the web page . could make them lose interest because there is a lot to look at instead of just one or two things they might find useful depending on the person and their levelof understanding .

3) Have a clear call to action on every page

When it comes to designing an effective website for your business, a key element that will have a significant impact on your visitors’ success is whether or not they’re engaged with what’s going on at any given moment. By providing clear calls to action on every page and ensuring that those actions take them on a forward journey from start to finish, all while keeping things as simple as possible with respect to design elements like color schemes , we can helpto bring more traffic to our sites by making sure people stay interested long enough!

4) Use visual content to help your readers understand

Have you ever read a book that was so complicated that it made your head spin ? If not, reading may not be for you. However, there are many people in this world who have trouble understanding text-based material because they don’t see images on paper or on digital screens as easily ; these people need visual aids to help them understand what is happening in stories more clearly. Visual content helps simplify abstract concepts by providingclarity with associated photos / graphic designs that can be compiled in one place online via blogs instead of having individual pages dedicated solely to graphics, saving a lot of space too!

I’m sure most readers will agree when I say?

5) Use images to your advantage

You can use images to your advantage by increasing the size of an image on social media . This will make it appear more authentic and engaging , while also making sure you have enough space for all the important details so you don’t lose information from posts or images with captions.

The image posting site Instagram is a perfect example that demonstrates just how powerful the use of sharp photos really is when posting updates about what ‘s going on within our lives. There are people who would argue against this statement, but let me tell you: looking at someone else’s life through their smartphone screen makes the whole thing a lot less tedious than staring into space thinking about mundane things likework deadlines.

6) Use a visual hierarchy to guide your visitors

The visual hierarchy of a site should be intuitive for visitors and easy to navigate . The way a page is arranged can have an effect on where people look first, so it’s important that each element has a clear priority relative to what comes after it on the same level or above them visually within. its main container (such as boxes). This ensures that users don’t get lost between all-encompassing elements like text blocks , as it is lessThey are likely to take up a lot of space than images. Which could catch someone ‘s eye if strategically placed throughout your layout like ads would !

7) Use social proof to build trust

Anecdotal evidence is compelling due to its ability to evoke a strong emotional response.

A study by Ohio State University researchers found that people are more likely to shop at businesses they know, rather than unknown brands with no face-to-face contact or social proof available at stores like Amazon Prime, where you ca n’t! inspect anything before you buy! When your clients feel that you “have their back”, it generates trust between all the parties involved, especially in elements considered to be of high value.risk , such as speeding violations that carry large fines without due process ( fast track ).

8) Be transparent about your product 

Don’t be shy about what your company offers . Transparency will earn you more trust from potential buyers and is something that people have been demanding for a while!

9) Keep your copy short and to the point

Keep your copy short and to the point. This will help readers find what they’re looking for, so it’s good practice not to exceed two sentences per bullet point or paragraph if possible .

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